About the Better St. John's Plan

A Better St. Johns Plan is a broad coalition of St. Johns County community leaders, businesses and concerned citizens committed to solving the infrastructure backlog problems facing our county. Together, we are working to not only support a penny funding plan to pay for needed projects, but also an open and transparent partnership between the citizens of St. Johns County and our county leaders to make certain that the right projects are built, citizen priorities are addressed and that our tax dollars are spent effectively.

The proceeds from the Penny Plan will improve the roads we need to reduce traffic congestion, improve sidewalks to keep us safer, invest in parks & recreation facilities and support capital projects for police and fire rescue services.

Voters in St. Johns County will have the opportunity to pass a one penny sales surtax that will last 10 years and be dedicated exclusively to build the infrastructure projects prioritized through a citizen-government partnership. Because it is a sales tax (essential items like groceries and medicine are excluded), tourists help pay. Additionally, the county has committed to empaneling a Citizen Oversight Committee that will have a seat at the table to determine the projects that will be bult and when. The Citizen Oversight Committee will ensure transparency and accountability as well as help encourage public involvement in the process.

The Penny Plan for a Better St Johns is our best hope to catch up on road projects that are desperately needed as well as invest wisely on the infrastructure needs of tomorrow.


We invite you to become part of the solution.